Wings Unfurled Review at Big Indie Books!

We have arrrived at the final stop of the Wings Unfurled Blog Tour. And we’re ending with a doozy – a wonderful review from the folks at Big Indie Books!

Cover art for Wings Unfurled, featuring a silver stag with blue tones and two moons in the background.

My head is spinning with delight! Here’s my favorite part:

Written from multiple points of view, including that of a Moon, Esye, the writer seems to have really hit her stride with this second offering. The book nicely ties up the overall story and the reader will appreciate the resolution of the various relationships we learned about in Wings Unseen, and that come full circle in Wings Unfurled.

The whole review is thoughtful, and I appreciate the amount of time and effort it takes to review books. Each and every one means so much! Especially because they aren’t intended for writers, but to help readers find the works that they’ll most connect with. I hope you’ll consider connecting with the Wings Rising duology! Be sure to read the full review at Big Indie Books!

Only two days left to enter the $50 giftcard drawing from Meerkat Press to celebrate the Wings Unfurled Blog Tour! Don’t miss your chance to profit off my success. 😉 And now for today’s contextless quote from Wings Unfurled

“The flame must fly to be found again. That’s what my father said, remember?”

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