Apocalypse is a flash fiction, fantasy, poetic prose short story available for free at Yesteryear Fiction e-zine. It’s one of my personal favorites.


Corena has always known that she is different from her people. When the moment comes for her to face that difference–and possibly bring her world crashing down around her in the process–will she embrace it?

A teaser of the opening lines:

Corena sits on a bench in a field of marigolds and cement. She sits and watches the people walk past her in the same direction, which is away. They tread on the endless sidewalks lying between the rows of marigold planter boxes. Their expressions are serene as they stare ahead, wearing shapeless clothes the color of corn silk. Some of the people turn and look at her; they turn their heads but don’t stop walking. Most continue onward, focused on the path that is the future. Corena sits. She records the sky’s markings in her notebook. There are many clouds, dark and light grays swirled together like mixing paint. They give her comfort, though the wind is strong today. She fears the time is near, but she hopes the clouds will stay.

You can read the rest of “Apocalypse” for free here. Here are some photographs to help set the stage for it. This is a potential image of Corena’s bench as she waits for the world to end.

And this may be the sky on her fate-filled day.


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