A Holiday Invasion Trilogy

“A Holiday Invasion Trilogy” is exactly what it says: a collection of flash fiction stories about invasions during the holiday season. These are true flash fiction pieces; the whole trilogy is less than 900 words. The stories appear in the Holiday Hell issue of Black Heart Magazine, released December 23, 2017.

holiday hell black heart magazine holiday invasion trilogy

Black Heart Magazine issues are available only as e-books, but you can get them at Amazon, Gumroad, or Smashwords for an affordable $2.99. The magazine publishes short fiction of all types, along with a monthly column and book reviews. Here’s the Amazon order button:

And here are the first two lines of each of the trilogy pieces:

Hostess Gifts: A shower of identical snowflakes dusts the windows, signaling the attack. Poinsettias throughout North America rustle leaves in a strange sort of fan dance.

How Tradition Lost Its Tang:  Patrick, Colinda’s great nephew, slides an unearthly pile of mulberry-colored goo onto the table beside the stuffing. “It’s yogurt with açai berry, so much healthier than cranberry.”

Unwrapped: Frosted pastel and bold red-and-green wrapping papers mosaic the floor beneath Leah’s impeccably decorated tree. Anxiety latches onto her at the extremities.

Your photographic inspiration:

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Enjoy “A Holiday Invasion Trilogy” next time you need a break from family togetherness.

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