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Over the course of my writing career, I’ve had the pleasure of contributing columns, posts, and articles to a few different websites, in both the food/drink and entertainment categories. Currently, I write articles for Indiezone.TV, which is a lot of fun. Most of their articles on the film industry over the past year have come from my keyboard. And there are a lot!

You can find my present-day food and drink blogging right here on this site, where I now focus on the Bay Area in California. Of course, wine and spirits follow no geographical bounds, so I’m only speaking of reviews particular to a restaurant, bar, or coffeeshop. This blog was previously titled the Gourmez, a nom de plume I’ve used in many online arenas. You can read about my food blogging history here.

I’m not partnering with any other food/drink blogs at present, though I may have a new travel venture to update y’all on soon. However, prior to my relocation to the Bay in Fall 2013, I also contributed to the Carpe Durham group blog. It’s an award-winning blog that focuses on the dining scene in Durham, NC.

Also in NC, I wrote for WRAL’s Out and About blog on Research Triangle area events and entertainment for my last year in RTP. You can find my articles there through this link.

I’ve managed to garner a few mentions and praises for my food writing over the years as well. Those are listed at

For past entertainment writing, well, I love suspending disbelief and relish escaping into other worlds onscreen and onstage. Thus, extending my writing into the appreciation of other entertainment forms is natural for me. I may, perhaps, revel in some fangirl tendencies as well. Writing about the shows I love has been a way for me to validate those obsessions.

For several years, I wrote television commentary for All My Writers, one of the longest running soap-opera-commentary websites. You can learn more about my columns on primetime television, General Hospital, and Glee right over here.





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