Questions to Consider When Writing A Series at!

Today at, I shared questions that writers should consider when writing a series.

These are questions I had to wrestle with while writing Wings Unfurled, and they may be slightly different questions than writers who intend from the get-go to write a series might consider. That’s because Wings Unseen was writtten as a standalone novel, so the writing process for a second book in the same world was a different one. But many of the questions are likely useful either way.

WritingForums.Com is quite a useful forum, too, and I was excited when they joined the Wings Unfurled blog tour. They often come up when I’m searching for information on the industry or craft advice. I’m looking forward to finally starting an account with them and poking around. They do also organize manuscript critiques, which I point out because folks are ALWAYS asking for where to find critique.

I hope you pick up some tips from the post! Don’t forget to also visit the Meerkat Press Wings Unfurled Blog Tour masterpost to enter our $50 giftcard prize drawing! And now for today’s contextless quote from Wings Unfurled.

And now, for today’s context-free quote from the book:

“Listen to your father,” the specter said, billowing like a sheet of pressed metal in decay.

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