Thlush-A-Lum Reprinted in It Calls From the Sky!

By far, my most successful short story to date has been “Thlush-A-Lum,” a horror tale. It follows the coming of age of Markella, a young woman who’s always been especially attuned to sound and to the way her parents keep her at a distance. Perhaps they’ve had good reason, she learns.

I’m excited to share that “Thlush-A-Lum” was reprinted for a third time this past fall. It appears in It Calls From the Sky, an anthology of horror short stories on the title’s theme.

Published by Eerie River and edited by A. Robertson-Webb and M. River, It Calls From the Sky is available for purchase at 15% off the cover price if you request a quote from Eerie River directly at the bottom of this page, Or you can purchase hardcover, paperback, or e-book versions from Amazon here. Reviews have been great for the collection, and it includes 20+ short stories in all! I’m happy that “Thlush-A-Lum” has found such a great fourth home.

rebecca gomez farrell, it calls from the sky, thlush a lum

A full publication history for “Thlush-A-Lum” can be found here.

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