Hosting the SFWA Weekly Writing Date!

In slightly under an hour, I’ll be hosting SFWA’s Weekly Writing Date!

These writing dates are one of the primary ways that a core group of SFWA members and Nebula Conference attendees have kept in touch over the past pandemic years, providing community while taking part in writing sprints together. I’ve only been able to join a few times, and I’m delighted to host the week of Wings Unfurled‘s release!

I’m also excited to dive into some freewriting – my skills are rusty these days, and writing dates are a wonderful way to exercise them. For me, freewrites really loosen my imagination, so I can better grasp the stories my psyche wants to tell.

If you’re a SFWA member or Nebula Conference participant, come join me from 2pm to 4pm! Details here.

And here’s a contextless quote from Wings Unfurled for release week!

Vesperi rarely spoke of her brother, and when she did, it came coupled with a curse.

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