Cover Reveal for Wings Unfurled!

Last week, Meerkat Press revealed the cover art for Wings Unfurled, the sequel to my epic fantasy novel Wings Unseen!

There it is! I especially love how beautiful the silver stag is and the vivid color scheme. It’s quite a different style of fantasy cover from Wings Unseen, and that’s because we’re embracing the fact that my writing style is more adult epic fantasy than it is YA. As Wings Unfurled takes place six years after the events of Wings Unseen, Serra, Janto, and Vesperi are all firmly now into adulthood as well. Thus, the cover art has been redesigned with more of a mass market fantasy appeal.

Obviously, the silver stag is familiar iconography for fans of the first book, but there are other aspects of the cover, especially when you compare it with the new cover art for Wings Unfurled, that’ll gain more resonance as you read the story.

What’s that? New cover art for Wings Unseen, too? That’s right!

Branding is an important part of book sales, so to keep the brand recognition strong between Wings Unseen and Wings Unfurled, Meerkat Press has redesigned the cover for Book 1 as well. I do miss the little claren bugs dotting the font, but I think the two new designs go smashingly together.  And now, I have two editions of the same book—that’s honestly a really fun thing as a writer. But if you still want to pick up the first edition of Wings Unseen with the original cover, act fast!

wings unseen rebecca gomez farrell meerkat press cover fantasy

For the time being, you can still purchase Wings Unseen with this cover from Amazon, Meerkat Press, and Bookshop . The change will be made closer to Wings Unfurled release date of December 5, 2022, when the Wings Rising series takes to the sky!

This is publishing in the time of COVID, so there is always a chance that date may change, but I should have pre-order details available next month. 🤞And with its publication, I’ll officially be the proud creator of a published series! Will it become a trilogy? The faintest of ideas are jangling around in my head, but I do have some other manuscripts for other series that I’ve been meaning to shape up for a while…

I hope you like the cover art for both books! Want me to explain what the other significant differences are in the covers between the books? TOO BAD. You’ll have to read it to figure it out in full. 😉

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