PULP Literature Issue #5 Preview *and* Kickstarter Campaign

As I announced a few weeks ago, my next short story will be appearing in Issue #5 of PULP Literature Magazine, which is a print and e-book label fully funded through subscriptions and Kickstarter campaigns. Well…Issue #5 has a cover!

Pulp Literature #5

And yes, that’s my beautiful little byline on it. Seeing my name on a cover is always such a thrill. So is the reminder of PULP Literature’s tagline: “Good books for the price of a beer.”  I love that! You can get the full description of Issue #5 right here.

Showing you the issue cover would be reason enough for this post, but I’m also writing to encourage you to go ahead and claim your copies of the issue now. Why? Because PULP Literature just launched their second -year Kickstarter campaign last week. Issue #5 is slated for publication at the end of 2014, so why not pay for it now and support both me and this great new addition to the genre literary scene? Need the video to sell you? Keep your eyes peeled for my name scrolling by!

Want the ebook of my issue? $5. How about the print one? $15. Maybe you want to go ahead and take a plunge, subscribing to the full year of stories? $25 for ebook and $40 for print. That’s a deal for curated literature delivered right to your fingertips!

Plus, for my fellow writers, the editorial team at PULP Literature also has rewards offering short story and novel critiques and writing workshops–valuable, valuable tools that any writer should take advantage of.

Go ahead. Pledge. I’ll still be here when you get back. I can’t make the same promise for “Thlush-A-Lum’s” protagonist, however…

4 comments for “PULP Literature Issue #5 Preview *and* Kickstarter Campaign

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  3. July 20, 2016 at 7:25 am

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  4. March 15, 2017 at 2:05 am

    Steve, we just can’t tell you how much we appreciate and adore these prhtogoaphs! I was so nervous on our way down to Guilford (and Kris wasn’t much help). But once we arrived, your self-same nature that makes us grateful to be your friend and to work along-side you put me at ease and ready to enjoy myself, leaving all the stress of pregnancy behind for a few hours. Thank you sooo much! *hugs*

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