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The Adventure of Parachuting Ninja

The Adventure of Parachuting Ninja

When my sister was in town a few weeks ago, we went to Wilmington and found ourselves with a pile of tickets from an afternoon at the boardwalk arcade. For our prize, we chose the parachuting ninja.

Awesomeness personified, am I right? And thus, I present to you the adventures of the Parachuting Ninja, a story told in photographs.

The adventure begins deep in the forest of mint, as Parachuting Ninja makes his way through the woods.

Once past the treacherous herbal forest, he finds his next obstacle, the giant Zygo Cactus. It’s a prickly enemy for any Parachuting Ninja, no matter how highly trained.

Rainy Day

The only days when all of my coworkers come in are rainy ones.