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Thesis Fiction

First off, I’m short on reviews right now. I haven’t made it to a lot of new places or tried a lot of wines or cocktails in the past couple of weeks. I’ve got a couple in mind for this week, but it’ll be a few days before I go, review, and write things up anyhow. Apologies for the shift in content, but I’d rather keep posting than not!

Secondly, I don’t read about writing a lot. There are lots of writers out there who’ve read every book on the subject.  It’s also extremely popular blogging material. From what I can tell, writing about writing seems to generate a huge amount of interest. I think it’s bizarre, and just something I can’t get into.  I can’t watch musicals or movies that are about a musical or movie (yes, nearly all of the musicals-movies of the 30s through 50s, you fit this bill), either. Call it one of my quirks, if you will. But today, I’m blogging about writing.

Don’t get worried that I’m going to start doing this regularly (unless you’d rather I did; then you should probably just scurry along to another blog, one of the gazillion out there on the subject).  This post is an exception. It’s not even about writing, really; it’s about a style of writing that I hate but is increasingly showing up everywhere I look.

The Chronicles of Mazu: Battle of the Orange Fluffy Thing

It’s kitten picture time! At least we’re still calling Mazu a kitten, even though she’s up to 10 months now and has enough fur to convince us she’s much larger than she is. It’s pretty impossible to deny that she’s a Maine Coon anymore—heck, I’m not sure if she’s got any of her calico mother in there at all!

But back to the battle. Please enjoy these pictures of Mazu engaged in a fierce war, so fierce that focusing was nearly impossible. What better way to start your Monday than with kitten adorableness? (I may have a sickness, I know).

Mazu preparing for battle with great enthusiasm.

Mazu preparing for battle with great enthusiasm.

The first catch---shes fascinated, really.

The first catch—she’s fascinated, really.

See, I told you! Its a kitten versus orange puffy thing war!

See, I told you! It’s a kitten versus orange puffy thing war!