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Join me for the Hayward Lit Hop!

Hi Friends! Tomorrow is Hayward Lit Hop 2023! https://haywardlithop.com/

I’ll be hosting two groups of readers for this event:

Women Who Submit: Bay Area Chapter at The Dirty Bird Lounge at 5:00pm with readers Dera R Jones Williams, Karma Bennett, and Joyce E. Young

– East Bay Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers at The Bistro at 6:00pm with readers Vanessa MacLaren-Wray, Author, Sibyl Saint, Caitlin Dwyer, and Sophie Green

Hayward Lit Hop occurs Saturday, April 22nd from 2-8pm on Earth Day and National Poetry Month. Conceived and organized by volunteer community members, Hayward Lit Hop is free for all ages. The Hayward Lit Hop celebrates our active and dedicated literary scene.

The event begins at 2 pm at Heritage Plaza Park, across the street from the Downtown Hayward Public Library, with a welcome from Hayward local civic and literary leaders and a musical performance from the East Bay Symphonic Band. At 3pm, Hayward-area Poet Laureates’ read with East Bay teens. As it’s Earth Day, the reading will have a nature and ecology theme. Local environmental organizations will set up tables in the Plaza to promote their work, as well.

From 4-7 pm, we’ll hop to different venues up and down and near B Street to with spoken word performances including the AfroSurreal Writers Association, students from Chabot College, a bilingual Spanish/English reading, the Queer Writers, local Horror Writers’ and Mystery Writers’ Association chapters, the Peer Writers’ Group, Women Who Submit Lit, the East Bay Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers, the California Writers’ Club, and students from CSUEB and Hayward Unified School District K-12 students.

Readings will occur at local venues including Aranea’s Craft Studio, the Sun Gallery, the Odd Fellows Lodge, The Bistro, Dirty Bird Lounge, the Pizza House, The World Famous Turf Club, Yoga Sociale. Hayward Lit Hop concludes with an afterparty at the Sun Gallery where there will be music, food and drinks. The gallery features a climate art exhibit.

This event showcases local businesses, celebrates Hayward’s diverse cultural scene, and allows people to meet their neighbors and hear and see each other’s talents. We’re here to help people with an interest in writing or art find local groups to support and foster their talents.

A detailed schedule will be posted at https://haywardlithop.com/.
Hope to see you there! I’m looking forward to hanging out in our fun downtown all day long.