Editing Services

Since 2009, I have performed one-on-one proofreading, copyediting, and developmental editing for a range of clients. Although I have extensive experience in academic dissertations and papers, I am only taking fiction and creative nonfiction clients at this time.

My hourly rate is $25, but I also offer by-the-page rates depending on the level of editing you desire.

Extent of Edit Price per Page
Proofreading: This includes correcting grammar, punctuation, capitalization, typography and consistency errors.  Formatting for footnotes, lists, charts, tables and bibliographies will also be standardized per the preferred style manual. In fiction editing, this includes keeping track of the characters and plots to make sure no names are repeated inconsistently and that the action timeline makes sense. $2.50
Copy Editing:  In addition to proofreading, this includes pointing out and suggesting replacements for awkward and wordy sentence structures and word choices.  Repetition, inconsistencies of tone, and extraneous passages will be pointed out.  Also, copy editing notes any factual questions and sections that the intended audience may not understand. $3.25
Developmental Editing:  Rewrites will be provided for any problem passages and an overall critique of the work will be given.  This is especially helpful for authors that want feedback more than simple mechanical corrections. $4.00

For a quote or for questions, please email me at becca@thegourmez.com.

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