What’s a writer without critique? One that probably makes muddier points than she thinks she does. Here is a sampling of responses to my creative works from professional reviewers, Amazon and Goodreads, and even readers just like you.

Praise for Bother:

“Rebecca Gomez Farrell’s “Bother,” the cover story, is more about fear than dragons, and more about love than fear. It’s a fine tale about whether we will allow our minds or our emotions to order our days”

“Another new writer, Rebecca Gomez Farrell, contributes “Bother”. Jonah and Susan live in what used to be a typical city. That is, until a dragon took up residence on the streets. Jonah prefers to ignore it and get by. Susan wants to take action. This puts a strain on their marriage until a crisis forces them to look at things differently. This, too, is another nice story from another promising new writer.”

Praise for Maya’s Vacation:

“This is a remarkably fun story of a woman caught between two love interests, and I honestly didn’t know how she’s choose until the very last pages. Becca Farrell writes with subtlety and imagination, building Maya’s character with artistic brushstrokes and showing how she’s tugged between doing what’s smart and comfortable, and doing what she really wants. This little novella isn’t getting nearly the attention it deserves.”

“Great things come in small packages! Love the author’s descriptions of the locale, vibrant conversation, and the well constructed characters. Who would think you could get such multidimensional characters from a novella? The descriptions of food and wine made me drool. This is a book I wouldn’t mind seeing recreations of the recipes as chapter footnotes.”

“Reading this story is like spending the weekend at a wonderful bed and breakfast. It’s such a lovely story and the descriptions will leave you hungry for more. A sweet romance perfect for the book club brunch and readers of all ages.”

“This was a short read but delightful! Maya to me seems like a typical woman who is faced with making a choice between the man she loved once and the man who she never forgot she loved once. She listens to her heart and that makes her a great character. Want to know who she chooses? Guess you’ll have to read it!”

“Definitely worth the buck or so for this little novella. Go ahead and judge the book by the cover. The two characters are both painters, and so is Rebecca Farrell. I’m not putting a “favorite quote” because I want you to discover the beautiful imagery in this book for yourself. I’m not usually big on descriptions or scenery, and this story doesn’t overdo it, but what is there is superbly written. Calibre tagged this novella as “Christian” when I added it. It’s not, but it’s perfectly clean with just the right amount of chemistry.

The story is mostly from Maya’s point of view, and has an excellent supporting cast. You just know Chuck is a slimy user trying to wiggle his way back into Maya’s life, and he wouldn’t be good for her at all. Dean hasn’t been pining for thirty years, and brings his own hurts to the woods. I wish we’d had some more from Dean’s point of view. I like that nothing is perfect and smooth and clear-cut. There’s regret and sadness, but it’s not the focus of the story and that’s fresh. It’s nice to know romance is still alive at fifty, and there’s always room for second chances.”

“If you like food, art, romance or any combination of the three than you will thoroughly enjoy Maya’s Vacation! The characters are likable and the plot moves at the perfect pace. There are cute analogies and moments the author describes that are laugh out loud funny. The story starts out with Maya taking a brief escape from her current day to day life — and that is exactly what this story offers the reader: A sweet escape from the everyday. If you’d like a short read that will give you a break from your own reality, then look no further than Maya’s Vacation.”

“I read this book as Rebecca was a friend of mine in high school. Reading this story was not what I expected. I noticed a ton of local language inflections from where we went to school together. I found this novel to be great and just what I needed to read at this moment in time. I could taste the food she described as well as see the sights like I was watching a movie or short television program. The love story was secondary to Maya finding what she needed in life and ultimately making the decision that was right for her! I would love to read more from Rebecca, not because she was a school friend but because she is an awesome writer with a flare for life and passion for what she does.”

Praise for She Could Be Me:

“Wonderful Rebecca – so complex and loaded, so scary yet straightforward. Great story.”

“Love these kind of stories. I was sad to see it end. Write me another.”

“A horrific take on the loss of selfhood theme. Executed with an atmosphere of quiet but forceful foreboding. Awesome story!”

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