Reading at the Story Hour on 12/7!

Join me on Wednesday, when I’ll be appearing at Story Hour, for the third time! Story Hour is a weekly speculative fiction reading hosted by authors Daniel Marcus and Laura Blackwell. I’ll be reading with Barbara A. Barnett.

Story Hour focuses on the short form, preferring that stories be read in full during each author’s half of the show. This means that I will not be reading from my new book, Wings Unfurled. But I will be sharing a humorous science fiction tale, “Garbage,” that was published a few years back. This story’s about a pair of immature teenagers playing a prank on the neighbor, but it’s also about opinions on immigration and assimilation.

I hope to see you Wednesday, 12/7/2022, at 7pm PT! You can join Story Hour either through Zoom or through Facebook Live. Links to both are here at their website.

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