Monthly Archives: November 2013

Friend Bragging

I’ve been wanting to promote some friends with new books and blogs out for a while now…so long of a while that I’m not sure I can classify them as new! Two of these friends are from All My Writers, the entertainment website where I write columns on General Hospital, Glee, and currently, trying out the slate of Fall TV show premieres.

Let’s start with Katrina Rasbold, webmistress of All My Writers and writer of many new books she’s published to Amazon this summer. One of them is a guide to the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend featuring photography by me, but I’ll post a separate entry promoting that. The rest of Katrina’s books range from instructions on making candles with a spiritual intent–

candles soap–to discussing the principles of Energy Magic for those of you attracted to that practice–

energy magic

–to a memoir about her life growing up in Kentucky that’s on my must-read list.

leaving kentucky

She’s adding Arthurian romance to her collection soon. I’ve read Katrina’s blog posts for about a decade, and her style of writing is always entertaining and full of a woman who’s determined to live life to its fullest, whatever that may mean at that time. You can buy all of her work here.