The General Hospital Fan Club Weekend Yearbook – 2013

For the past three years, I’ve been photographing the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend as part of my press duties with All My Writers. This last year, we released a yearbook of 2013’s happenings! It’s 210 pages of full-color photographs and all the gossip author Katrina Rasbold could wrangle into the book.

As 2013 marked the 50th Anniversary of General Hospital and the first Past Cast event put on by the fan club, you can bet there was plenty of that gossip! 50 years’ worth of it! Mostly, though, the past actors who attended were so warm and appreciative of the fans, as were the present-day cast at the previous day’s luncheon.

As a 34-year fan myself (from the womb!), it’s my pleasure to photograph these events, and I hope you enjoy this up-close access as much as I have.

Because the 2014 Yearbook has already been released, you can now get the 2013 full-color, paperback for nearly half off it’s original price! Go ahead and order it. No GH fan would regret owning this memorabilia.

And finally, my favorite picture from the 2013 GHFCW. If you ever doubted it, rest assured that John J. York is a sweetheart.


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